“This epic novel captures the ethereal beauty of Chinese poetry…Murgatroyd has found a style which conveys admirably the peculiar beauty of the rich metaphorical Chinese language”

Morning Star

“It is a beautiful, stirring, thoughtful novel, steeped in poetry and demonstrating a profound insight into the thinking and behaviour of the Chinese of the time”

Stephen Lewis, The Press

“Taming Poison Dragons is a captivatingly original and unforgettable story of tragedy and enduring love in Song Dynasty China.”

Calderdale Libraries

“With vivid, evocative descriptions of landscape and people, it fires the imagination”

Telegraph and Argus

“The cast of characters range from Yun Cai’s cheerful Cousin Hong and other impoverished relatives to Yun Cai’s own cruel and wayward second son. They are often described in intricate detail, as is the pattern of everyday Chinese life during this period. The author clearly has a passion for ancient Chinese history, which shines through in this first novel set against the disorder caused by the Mongol invasion. What interested me particularly about this novel is the style in which it is written. Tim Murgatroyd has tried to conjure up a sense of period and place by using speech patterns that are both formal and poetic.”
Myfanwy Cook