To Blog or not to Blog?

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Not blogging or reading blogs, we assume, is out of the question. Or is to be – more exactly – outside the most relevant questions, the zeitgeist, the clash and flash and flow of discourse in our digital age.

For a writer of fiction blogging offers platforms and sinkholes. As for myself, I’d like to use my new website to connect with other writers through this blog. How? By sharing some of my experiences as a novelist and poet. Why? Because writing is a peculiarly singular business. My hope is that like-minded people all over the world might find something of interest in my thoughts on writing. And no doubt, through their comments and interactions, I’ll learn a trick or two.

My Mum sometimes says ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Sorry, Mum, I have to disagree. You can’t teach some old dogs. The trick for a faithful old scribble-hound (I’ve just invented a new breed!) is to retain that freshness of vision and receptivity to untested experience Wordsworth and the Romantics associated with childhood. To overhear a remark on a train or street or park bench and subtly re-configure your worldview, fractionally, tentatively, so that when words are required for your fiction they (may) ring true.

My hope is that words I gather through this blog will ring true for myself and others – and so spark insights into the writing process.

Ah, our boundless idealism about the internet in these salad days of the worldwide web! That to blog is to broadcast in the original sense of the word, e.g. casting out seeds the wind will allocate to corners of fecund earth! Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, all is optimism! That’s the beauty of trying to learn new tricks.

If you know any fellow scribblers, please send them a link to this blog. Next time I want to write about creating character through setting. Or maybe address the question: is a writer writing when he or she is researching?

I’ll see how the wind blows . . .

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